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Vatech CBCT

CBCT 3D Imaging

Our Vatech Green cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) machine allows us to capture 3D images of the teeth, jaws and face with relatively low doses of radiation. Depending on what your treatment needs are, we can change the field of view to focus on specific areas of interest. For orthodontic treatment planning, we normally take a full mouth scan, which actually emits less radiation to a patient than the 2D panoramic and lateral cephalometric x-rays that are traditionally taken. Full mouth scans are also recommended for dental implant planning, wisdom teeth extractions, and other surgical cases. To provide some perspective, the amount of radiation that a patient is exposed to during a full mouth scan is equivalent to the background radiation you would experience on a transcontinental flight. For such a low dosage, we are able to gain a wealth of diagnostic information that may otherwise be completely missed or overlooked with regular 2D imaging. With our Green CBCT machine, we are able to provide a much more accurate diagnosis and carry out treatment much more precisely. We can’t treat what we can’t see, so with CBCT 3D imaging, we can get a clear picture of exactly what’s going on in the oral cavity!

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iTero® 3D Scanner

For those of you who have had molds taken of your teeth with goopy, putty-like impression material, you will truly appreciate the revolutionary iTero 3D scanner. This digital intraoral scanner uses laser technology to take thousands of pictures of your teeth and stitch them together to create an incredibly accurate 3D model without emitting any harmful radiation to the patient. We use this 3D scanner for Invisalign®, orthodontic treatment planning, retainers, nightguards, crowns, bridges, dental implants, and other oral appliances. A full arch scan takes just about 60 seconds, so you’ll no longer have to wait for what seems like forever for goop to set.

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Formlabs 3D Printer

We are currently awaiting the arrival of our new Form 3 3D printer, which is set to be released in September. Once we have it in the office, we will be able to fabricate custom-made retainers, aligners, nightguards, mouthguards, and other oral appliances, all in-house!

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The blue circles outline where decay has extended into the inner layer of dentin within the tooth, which is an indication that the tooth should be restored with  fillings .

The blue circles outline where decay has extended into the inner layer of dentin within the tooth, which is an indication that the tooth should be restored with fillings.

CariVu Caries Detector

The CariVu is an amazing device that we use during your dental exam to visualize and verify the presence of carious lesions (cavities) and cracks in the teeth. By transilluminating the tooth with laser technology, we are able to accurately identify caries that may be undetectable or hard to determine on a traditional x-ray. The CariVu utilizes non-ionizing radiation, so it is completely safe for children, pregnant women, and patients who are x-ray averse. It also allows us to evaluate the extent of decay, so if a cavity is actually smaller than it appears on an x-ray, we can elect to perform more conservative treatment.

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